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    Use Mochi to send and receive any amount of crypto, directly on your favorite Discord servers or Telegram groups, without having a wallet or having to pay a single cent in fees.
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    Faster, more fun payments

    Mochi goes Web3

    On-chain & Hybrid Support
    Make gasless transactions easily using social handles, ensuring strong security. Connect with different blockchains for both on-chain and hybrid transactions.
    Self-custodial Solutions
    Take command of your assets with Mochi's self-custodial solutions, ensuring true ownership. Enjoy secure storage without compromising usability.
    Invisible Wallets
    Login with Telegram, Discord, SSO or Facebook account make onboarding seamless. Nevermind where's the seedphrase.
    Keyless Wallet
    Elevate security by multiple protection layer while keep the friendly experience for all both crypto wizard and newbie.
    Account Abstraction
    Enables smart accounts, that can initiate and execute transactions without the need for an external account.
    Advanced Security Measures
    Protect your assets by a high-tech lock - strong encryption, providing a worry-free Web3 experience.

    Simple, intuitive commands

    Mochi has a single, extensible command for tipping, airdropping on users.